“Nuclear Program”

A brief note refers to a circular published by the Brazilian Ministry of Energy accusing the Jews of a campaign against the Brazilian nuclear program. The note says one of the persons supposedly involved in the campaign was actually a non-Jewish German, related my marriage to Herman Stolz, accused of collaboration with the Nazis during WWII.

June 13th 1980
“The nuclear ‘disagreement’”
Folha da Tarde

This article is Ben Abraham’s response to the circular about the Nuclear Program.
He says he is proud of being part of the nation of Brazil, where there is no racial or religious discrimination. But he says that the circular published by the Brazilian government was similar to Hitler’s permanent argument that “the Jews are to blame for everything”. He says he believes not the whole of the Jewish community is against the Brazilian nuclear program.
This article prompted FT reader Labib Casseb to send a letter to the newspaper congratulating Ben Abraham for his article, especially for his appreciation of the Brazilian people.

March 17th 1983
“The denounce”
Folha da Tarde

This article alludes to the death of Hungarian writer Artur Koestler. According to Ben Abraham, Koestler was a bold political journalist who denounced discrimination against Jews in Easter Europe in the 1920s and the crimes committed during the Spanish civil war in 1936. He also criticized Stalin in 1938, despite he was himself a member of the German communist party. Koestler also wrote an article in 1944 describing mass extermination of Jews. So, he says, Koestler’s denounce before the end of the war makes it clear that what was going on in Europe was no secret to the Allies.

June 1994
“Auschwitz Plates”
Resenha Judaica

Ben Abraham disagrees with the removal, from Auschwitz camp, of plates indicating that 4 million people had been killed. He said the World Jewish Congress left the camp without plates for 4 years, until they were replaced with others indicating 1.5 million people had been killed in the camp. During this time, Ellwanger published articles saying the Polish government had removed the plates because of the evidences presented by revisionists that the Holocaust had never happened.

“‘Mein Kampf’ in Hebrew”

Ben Abraham wall called by a journalist to express his opinion about the publication of the translation of “Mein Kampf” into Hebrew and its publication in Israel. He said this was irresponsibility and a profanation of the memory of the 6 million Jews killed in the Holocaust. Ben Abraham observes in this article that the publication of the book is forbidden in German and other free countries.
He contacted the world president of the Sherit Hapleitá about the issue and, as a result, the Hebraica University in Jerusalem published a note stating that the book would not be sold in libraries and the excerpts translated would be used only in the study of the Holocaust.

Aug/Sept 1987
“Poland: Anti-Semitism without Jews”
O Hebreu

Ben Abraham makes allusion to Claude Lanzman’s documentary “Shoah”. He says it is a movie that makes people reflect about the Holocaust. At the same time, he affirms the movie made him remember the tragedy he lived, showing the presence of anti-Semitism in Poland today, which caused him to be depressed. He observes that anti-Semitism is present in Poland despite the fact that there were very few Jews in Poland at the time.