This is an international research project, aimed at documenting the life and the work of Holocaust survivors Ben Abraham and Miriam Nekrycz. This project is a the result of joined work of the Word of Faith Christian School Holocaust Museum, Spindale, USA, the Memorial do Holocausto do Colégio Cristão Rhema, Franco da Rocha, Brazil, and the Memorial do Holocausto da Escola Cristã Verbo Vivo, of Sao Joaquim de Bicas, Brazil.

Our dear Ben Abraham passed away on October the 9th, 2015. We have been witnesses of his inexhaustible fight for the preservation of the memory of the Holocaust, a mission which he embraced while still a prisoner in concentration camps, and which he fulfilled until the end of his life. We are fully committed to continuing his work.

We are very grateful for the moments when we had the honor of listening to him and learn with him and with Mrs. Miriam. We will certainly keep a sweet remembrance of his valiant, indefatigable man who has unflinchingly pursued a noble ideal. May his example endure through time.