Ben Abraham wrote 15 books, some of which have been translated into English and published in the USA. Most of them deal with Holocaust-related themes, whether portraying his own experience as a survivor, reality-based fiction and  documentary books such as “Holocaust – The Massacre of 6 million”.

Cover of the book “Holocaust – The Massacre of 6 million”. (Pastel).

Other books present his work as a journalist, as for example “Diary of a Reporter” and “Memories – Retrospective of the Facts”.

 Year of Publication Title in Portuguese Translation of the Title
1972 … e o mundo silenciou. … and the world remained silent.
1974 Desafio ao Destino Challenge to Destiny
1976 Holocausto – O Massacre de 6 milhões Holocaust – the Massacre of 6 million
1978 O Trajeto The trajectory
1979 Izkor Izkor
1983 Além do Infinito Beyond the Infinite
1985 Segunda Guerra Mundial – Síntese Second World War – Synthesis
1985 O Anjo da Morte – Dossiê Mengele The Angel of Death – The Mengele Dossier
1986 Janusz Korczak – Coletânea de Pensamentos Janusz Korczak – Collection of Thoughts
1988 Iom Hashoá Iom Hashoá
1990 Diário de um Repórter Diary of a Reporter
1992 De Varsóvia a Entebe From Warsaw to Entebbe
1993 Mengele – A Verdade Veio à Tona Mengele – The Truth Exposed
1996 Memórias – Retrospectivas dos Fatos Memories – Retrospective of the Facts
1998 As Incríveis Travessuras De Ricardinho The incredible tricks of little Richard