Boy Waiting to Go to Displaced Persons’ Camp

After World War II, those who survived the Holocaust faced incredible challenges. Having lost everything, many of these survivors were sent to displaced persons’ (DP) camps, where the living conditions were relatively poor. Jews of all ages came to these camps, some of which were far away from their original homes. Many of the children that found themselves in the DP camps were soon to realize that their parents and relatives had not survived. They would have to grow up without the individual love and care of parents. The transition was, however, made easier as social life began to blossom in the camps. Many activities and organizations developed that assisted the children and youth in gaining an education, as well as providing them with social and recreational activities. Although life was difficult in the camps, many children grew up, others were born, some survivors married fellow survivors, and many were able to start a new life.

displaced boy
Boy Waiting to Go to Displaced Persons’ Camp. (Oil painting).