The Anti-Zionist Vote

Nov 19th 1975
The anti-zionist vote at UNO’s General Assembly
Jornal da Tarde

Article written to protest against Brazil’s vote in the UNO’s General Assembly to approve the Resolution 3379, which equates Zionism and racism. Important to notice that the article was published in a period of strong censorship by the Brazilian military dictatorship at the time.

*Note: The Resolution 3379 was revoked in 1991 with UN General Assembly Resolution 46/86.

Nov 30th 1985
“Who is to blame?”
O Estado de S. Paulo

The article asks the Brazilian government to revoke their vote supporting the 3379 resolution ten years before. It also indicates the Brazilian position in support of the resolution had been directly determined by the Brazilian president, General Ernesto Geisel, whom the Brazilian representative at the General Assembly said he had to obey. The military dictatorship had just ended in Brazil, so the article addresses the authorities of the “New Republic”.